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Transformation starts from details. 


The DIANTHUS MEDICAL GROUP thinks outside the framework of old thinking. By holding the core concept of "small details make big differences", the company practically implements comprehensive high end medical services, and looks for subtle problems and needs from the perspective of patients, then provides the reliable high end medical quality for ensuring both mothers and babies can have a high quality of medical services.

Besides the application of the novel mechanism with medicine platform, the DIANTHUS MEDICAL GROUP has also developed a unique strategy on the caring which includes the phase of pre-pregnancy counseling, the genetic counseling, prenatal diagnosis and care, ultrasound medicine and the post-natal care. Also the personalized genetic testing is taken into the daily medical treatment, and the expectant mother is able to access every issue related to the childbirth prior to the birth as well as to create the exclusive birth plan with the personal experience in accordance with customized needs during the pregnancy. The DIANTHUS MEDICAL GROUP devotes to provide the best quality and humanized "all-round birth plan" and achieve to provide comprehensive services for the mother and the fetus. 




Inverted Pyramid of Care


In 2011, the medial authority of fetus in UK, the professor Kypros H. Nicolaides presented a brand new mode with antenatal care which is called "Inverted Pyramid of Care" which is definitely indicated that the match point of pregnancy checkup has been moved forward to the first phase of pregnancy, and the timing to  complete the screening and diagnosis of the major high-risk group or critical structure of fetal abnormalities pushed forward to the 11st-13rd week of pregnancy.  With the concept of early detection, early intervention, and early treatment, the occurrence of the high-risk pregnancies in the late period can be reduced and so as the severity of the symptom. For the Low-risk groups of the pregnant women, it is recommended to have a high-level ultrasound examination in the 20th week. If there are no abnormalities found/checked with the fetus, the mother and father may come for an evaluation of the fetus position and prepare for the laboring until the 37th  week. It will be greatly saved more time and medical visits for prenatal examinations for the prospective parents.



Genetic Testing performed by the SOFIVA GENOMICS

All kinds of biochemical tests are completed by the SOFIVA Medical Lab of the DIANTHUS MEDICAL GROUP, which accesses the credential of ISO 9001, TAF 17025, TAF 15189 and the SNQ. With the providing the  complete service at one-stop, find out the needs of customers in advance and promote the concept of prevention concluded the superior performing the researches and development as well as the introduction of the risk evaluation on the early phase and middle-late phase of pre-eclampsia, the screening of human papillomavirus (HPV), also check with the general biochemistry of Down's Syndrome, congenital infection screen, prenatal examination of cellular chromosome, and etc., to ensure the health of the fetus and the mother in all phases. 

In addition to the examinations for mother and fetus, the genetic tests for cancer genes, personal genetics and for the rare diseases. For each examination applied, the professional genetic consultants are there ready for providing consultation before and after the examinations. With the connection with medical professional skills and the clinical applicable interpretation, the reports are authorized by the professionals as well as to be followed-up by the app or downloaded. The SOFIVA GENOMICS provides the customers with timely, precise and high quality of cellular genetic diagnosis and the services of medical examination. 


Items for gene examination

1. Comprehensive risk assessment of pregnancy in the first trimester

2. SOFIVA Carrier Screening

3. Intermediate risk assessment for pre-eclampsia

4. Fetal Trisomy Test

5. All-round combined chip inspection


Anomaly Scan or ultrasound level II

Recommended weeks for inspection: 20-24 weeks of the pregnancy

The so-called anomaly scan or ultrasound level II is to perform the detailed screening the structure of the fetal organs, from the head to the feet. We mainly use 2D images, which means the 2D planar images to make the cut surfaces to check which allows us to see the head of the fetus, as well as the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Not only the limbs, but also the fingers and toes, the internal organs. The spine is also the focus of the inspection. 


The DIANTHUS MEDICAL GROUP are the experts specialized in the fetal medicine. The items examined in the anomaly scan or ultrasound level II is set according to the clinical guidance instructions of the ISUOG. In addition to the screening of organ structures, we also perform the inspection of blood Doppler ultrasound, which also checks the uterine artery, the blood flow circulating in the fetal middle cerebral artery and umbilical cord, to assess whether there is any risks of intrauterine growth retardation for the fetus or pregnancy hypertension for the mother. 


Also, for the pregnant women with abnormal blood flow in the uterine artery, we can check the concentration of placental growth factor (PlGF) and sflt-1 in the blood to distinguish whether the epilepsy will be obtained in the future. As a criterion for judgment and reference, the inspection can make the prevention and treatment of pre-eclampsia much more advanced.