Radiation Oncology Center Grand Opening


The Radiation Oncology Center of Yeezen General Hospital was officially established in July 2016, which consists of a professional team led by radiation therapy authority deputy superintendent Jen Yi Min and director Wang Ci Hui, and has introduced the advanced linear accelerator for radiation therapy, providing better medical quality for patients. A questionnaire survey on the patient treatment satisfaction for the Oncotherapy Center was conducted from August to December 2016, and the first survey received an excellent score of 94.26.


The Radiation Oncology Center of Yeezen General Hospital continues to look after patients and elevate the service quality. Three aspects of “environment, waiting time, treatment information” are stipulated as the grading standard for the post-treatment questionnaire; first, the linear accelerator treatment room, where patients undergo treatment, is designed based on the features of tong blossoms, and compliments with Hakka traditions while also provide soothing aroma, music, and healthy tea drinks, providing patients a comfortable and relaxed medical environment, hence it received a satisfaction score of 93.4. Second, the control of treatment time received a high score of 99.3, which indicates how the medical staffs support and prioritize the patients without any slacking; the advanced linear accelerator is able to drastically reduce treatment time, which reduces the discomfort of patients by reducing the time required to be laying down on the treatment bed. Third, the medical plan of attending physicians, medical execution of radiologists, and the medical health education of nursing staffs have received a satisfaction score of 92.8. The average score of the questionnaire came to 94.26. We are beyond grateful for the support and recognition from the patients, and the Oncotherapy Center of Yeezen General Hospital will continue to refine on its services and professions.


Former Taipei City councilor Chen Yu Mei passed away on the 22nd from breast cancer at the age of 50, and renowned astrologist Vivian also passed away last year (2016) from breast cancer at a young age of 43. Breast cancer has the highest incidence rate for cancers among Taiwanese women for many years, and patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer are becoming younger in average; women above the age of 45 are recommended to undergo regular mammography test as breast cancer is no longer incurable, and the change of survival is still relatively high as long as it is discovered during its early stage and standard treatment is received. Among the 35 hospitals within the district of Taoyuan City, only 3 in south Taoyuan are established with divisions of radiation oncology, which only takes up 8.5% of this specific medical resources of Taoyuan City. Yeezen General Hospital is dedicated to the development of cancer treatment by successively introducing advanced medical equipment in order to elevate the quality of medical services, and hopes to expand the range of services in the future including the integration of diagnosis, screening, and treatment of state-of-the-art medical imaging as well as hospice care and home care to create a comprehensive cancer treatment center; Yeezen General Hospital also develops long-term care centers, regional acute and critical illness medical service along with establishing the international medical talent cultivation center, providing high quality and nearby medical services for local residents.